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Support Struggling Readers

Get practical support, strategies, and resources to guide your efforts in helping struggling readers. Discover effective interventions, personalized instruction techniques, and progress monitoring tools to ensure every student’s reading success.

Find Fun and Engaging Activities for Reading Skills

Spice up your lessons with exciting and interactive activities that build essential reading skills. Explore hands-on exercises, games, and creative ideas that make learning enjoyable and help students develop a strong foundation in reading.

Maximize Time with Reading Groups

Learn time-saving strategies to make the most of your limited instructional time during reading groups. Uncover practical tips and techniques to efficiently plan, organize, and implement engaging reading activities that captivate your students and accelerate their progress.

Discover Print-and-Go Solutions for Busy Teachers

Simplify your life with ready-to-use interventions and resources designed for busy teachers like you. Discover printable worksheets, lesson plans, and materials that require minimal prep, allowing you to effortlessly deliver targeted support to struggling readers.

Unravel the Science of Reading

Unpack the world of the Science of Reading and gain a solid understanding of its principles. Explore evidence-based practices, research findings, and practical insights that empower you to implement effective instructional approaches with confidence.

Enhance CKLA

Expand your Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) curriculum with supplemental materials tailored to your students’ needs. Discover additional activities, worksheets, and lesson ideas that seamlessly integrate with CKLA, enriching your students’ learning experience and boosting their reading skills.

About Me

About Me

Jenn, Reading in Room 11

Hi! I’m Jenn and I’m a K-4 Reading Specialist here to help teachers who want to deliver systematic, explicit reading instruction and interventions by sharing what I’ve learned about the Science of Reading and the resources I use daily with my students.

Teachers Love

  • Syllable type starter kit

    Syllable type starter kit

    I had a few students who have been receiving intervention for a while but struggled with being able to put all the information together. We used this for a couple of weeks and really hit the syllables types and did lots of spelling practice, and it made a huge difference. After completing some of the lessons, we went back to our normal curriculum, and I had a student say, “Wow this seems a lot easier” -Lisa B

    Check it out
  • CKLA Intervention Lessons

    CKLA Intervention Lessons

    This is my favorite resource to use with Ampligy (CKLA). My RTI class has made so much progress working through these drills. -Morgan P

    check it out
  • syllable type lessons

    syllable type lessons

    It is very important for students to learn the syllable types so that they can decode unknown words efficiently and eventually fluently. This resource helps to teach the process of each syllable type in a fun and engaging way. -Lisa B.

    check it out
  • guess my word

    guess my word

    I use these with my kindergarten students in small groups to help them develop a better understanding how how sounds are blended together to make words. They enjoyed guessing my word, and it is a fun way to work on phonological awareness skills. Thank you! -The Enriched Classroom

    check it out
  • Fluency voices

    Fluency voices

    Oh my gosh, My students loved this activity! Great way to work on fluency and have fun doing it. Had some great laughs as well. -Wende F

    check it out
  • digital flaschards

    digital flaschards

    I use this resource for small group practice after explicitly teaching a concept. It’s easy for the teacher because everything is pre-made. It’s engaging for students. Well done! -Kandy R

    Check it out

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